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Happy New Year from all at DLS.

Regular visitors will notice that we are falling into the same trap many companies do by not publishing regular news bulletins.  How many times do you visit a site where the last news was over 2 years ago preceded by a flurry of news items presumably created in a fit of enthusiasm?

We are no different and often one wonders who actually reads this type of thing?

At DLS we have had our head down working hard to negotiate the various headwinds that businesses in the UK face.  Apart from the Covid Pandemic we have suffered from erratic supplies and lack of labour like everyone else.  So far at least we have managed to meet customer deadlines without too much immediate disruption.

We have continued to develop our product range and supply customers with new products designed and brought to fruition through a collaborative process working with customer in house designers and our own CAD design experts. We have a number of interesting projects underway where we are helping our customers with re-shoring their production.

Perhaps in amongst all the excitement around environmental crisis, cost of living crisis, labour shortage crisis, energy supply crisis, Covid pandemic crisis and of course Brexit there is some hope for professionally run, responsible UK manufacturing?

Anyway, if you have read this far then please get in touch if you think we can help in any way!


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