Ukraine – what can we do?

UkraineFlagHere at DLS we stand, like most, incredulous at the events unfolding in Ukraine.  As Vladimir Putin and his henchmen stamp around creating havoc the feeling of powerlessness is hugely frustrating.  At the same time the Russian population seems oblivious to the damage that Putin is doing to the very way of life that they have become used to!  What can we do to help?

At DLS Medical we are donating medical supplies, PPE and hygiene packs to a local haulier P C Howards who will deliver these to the Ukrainian people along with our solidarity and sincere wish that this madness comes to an end soon.

And a side message to all those Russian hacker sites that fill up the comment database of this blog site – get lost will you?  Honestly, haven’t you got better things to do?

Gruelling Exasperation

pingIt seems as though the UK Government is determined to turn a crisis into a drama.  Despite the success of the vaccination programme and allowing hundreds of thousands of sports fans to attend “test events” the rest of us are left dealing with an out of control NHS App that is pinging large sections of the working population into a pseudo lockdown.  It’s all a demoralising mess.

At DLS we are working hard to maintain our supply chain, ensure that we are anticipating  customer orders and trying very hard to meet our delivery targets.  We would appeal to all customers to maintain clear lines of communication as, despite all this effort, we are starting to feel the effects of the perfect storm around us.  I am sure you are too!

If there is anything that DLS can do to help please get in touch.

DLS Medical “ready to go!”

hopeWith the roadmap for lifting lockdown now announced DLS Medical is ready to meet the “new” challenge for the NHS namely tackling the backlog of elective surgery and treatments that have been on hold during the pandemic.  Hopefully our NHS heros will have some opportunity to catch their breath before addressing the mountain of delayed cases.

At the same time the scandal of cheap and unsuitable medical supplies will continue to be a cause for concern.  DLS Medical has established a supply chain that relys on established and reliable sources.  A good proportion of the plastic products that we supply are manufactured in the UK by our sister company.  As such we are able to control supply from raw material to delivery.

All the nonsense around Brexit conintues, the most difficult impact seems to be clogged up ports, who knows when these will start to clear?  In the meantime because we have onsite manufacturing, clean room packing and sterilisation we have the advantage of sheilding customers from the worst of the stop start international supplies.

Please get in touch if you think there is anything that we can do to help.

DLS Medical New Website

news-websiteDuring the lockdown we have been working hard in the background to prepare for our customers returning to some sort of normality. We are re-launching our website which we hope users will find more useful and responsive.

We have put a great deal of effort into improving the product information presented and updated the information available. We are particularly keen to provide details of the service that DLS Medical can provide including Clean Room and on-site, UK based, sterilisation equipment.

The website will continue to evolve, if there are any questions or you require more information please get in touch.

DLS Medical launch a range of Opthalmic Surgery Packs

opthalmic-packsWe are launching a range of opthalmic minor surgery packs.  We have been supplying these products for many years however these are now available to purchase directly.  We have a small number of standard packs but are able to assemble bespoke packs to suit all customer needs.

Packs are assembled and sterilised at our UK site in Peterborough.  We work with a small number of carefully selected suppliers to source instruments from Asia.  We do not source from China.

More information on DLS Opthalmic Packs

DLS named in East Midlands Top 200 companies

DLS under its parent name of “Direct Leisure Supplies Limited has been included in the East Midlands Top 200 Fastest Growing Companies Report 2015.  The report compiled by Grant Thornton and the CBI surveyed company information to identify the companies with the greatest increast in operational profit.  DLS was ranked 123rd out of the 200 listed.

There is a diverse range of companies in terms of size, activity and location.  The report makes some general observations about the state of the East Midlands economy which seems to have survived the challenging conditions of the last few years.

DLS will remain closely focussed on servicing its customer needs.  If that leads to further recognition and accolade then so much the better!